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Bitcasa gives users the finger, discontinues Bitcasa Drive

Bitcasa recently just sent out a notice to all its users that it is discontinuing it’s Bitcasa Drive service for consumers and focusing on business accounts. For those of you not familiar with Bitcasa drive, it actually started off as a Beta product offering Unlimited cloud backup storage at an extremely attractive price. Unlimited storage was unheard of for most cloud storage providers, so I signed up and everything was great. About a year later, things started going south at Bitcasa and they could no longer ¬†afford to offer the “Unlimited” plans. All users were moved to a 1TB plan at the same price, and if 1TB wasn’t enough you could opt for the 10TB plan for an affordable $995 per year…

Well, today was another dark day for Bitcasa. A notice was sent to all users to remove their data within 30 days or lose it forever.

As a customer who paid for the entire year upfront, this really agitated me. So I opened a ticket with their support asking for direction on what was going to happen to customers who paid for the full year upfront.

The response from their technical support manager was that my information was noted and I would be “considered” for a refund in 10-12 weeks.

10-12 weeks to issue a refund? And no guarantee either? This sounded extremely sketchy. After going back and fourth with the tech support manager he basically told me policy is policy and he can’t do anything else.

I am extremely frustrated with the ethics of this company. Just last week one of my ¬†files on my cloud drive got corrupted and their support couldn’t even restore my file for me.

If you are a consumer using the drive service we are all in the same boat. If you are a business that has a subscription with Bitcasa I strongly urge you to take a moment and think about how this company has treated it’s customers.

This has truly been a rainy day for cloud storage.

Spammers Corner: The Timeshare Customer

Finally I found someone who is interested in purchasing my timeshares (I don’t own any timeshares!).




Hello Again World!

Some of you may be wondering what’s happened to this blog. I took some time off, and came back to realize my webhost had deleted the site!

I am now working at rebuilding and re-vamping the site. Although I will still have the latest tips, tricks, fixes and reviews, expect to see the site back up and running with more of a focus on IT Security.

See you soon!