Bitcasa gives users the finger, discontinues Bitcasa Drive

Bitcasa recently just sent out a notice to all its users that it is discontinuing it’s Bitcasa Drive service for consumers and focusing on business accounts. For those of you not familiar with Bitcasa drive, it actually started off as a Beta product offering Unlimited cloud backup storage at an extremely attractive price. Unlimited storage was unheard of for most cloud storage providers, so I signed up and everything was great. About a year later, things started going south at Bitcasa and they could no longer  afford to offer the “Unlimited” plans. All users were moved to a 1TB plan at the same price, and if 1TB wasn’t enough you could opt for the 10TB plan for an affordable $995 per year…

Well, today was another dark day for Bitcasa. A notice was sent to all users to remove their data within 30 days or lose it forever.

As a customer who paid for the entire year upfront, this really agitated me. So I opened a ticket with their support asking for direction on what was going to happen to customers who paid for the full year upfront.

The response from their technical support manager was that my information was noted and I would be “considered” for a refund in 10-12 weeks.

10-12 weeks to issue a refund? And no guarantee either? This sounded extremely sketchy. After going back and fourth with the tech support manager he basically told me policy is policy and he can’t do anything else.

I am extremely frustrated with the ethics of this company. Just last week one of my  files on my cloud drive got corrupted and their support couldn’t even restore my file for me.

If you are a consumer using the drive service we are all in the same boat. If you are a business that has a subscription with Bitcasa I strongly urge you to take a moment and think about how this company has treated it’s customers.

This has truly been a rainy day for cloud storage.

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  1. Marcus

    My Bitcasa client just showed me the “Bitcasa will be discontinued” message a few minutes ago. Absolutely ridiculous!

    They could have stopped accepting new accounts and extending old one first, but just pulling the plug and telling people to move their files WITHIN 30 DAYS (!!!) is even more than ridiculous.

    Same with the money, I just paid my yearly subscription 2 months ago and now am pissed off like hell! The support ticket will be open in 5 minutes, thanks for sharing your experience.

    I really liked the product (and the client finally seemed to get better) but this kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable, burn in hell Bitcasa!

    PS: Question of the day: What service to use next?? Any recommendations?

    1. Admin

      couldn’t agree with you more Marcus. This is horrible business practice.

      I am actually switching to DropBox. It’s not a true Cloud drive but at least they offer shadow copies of your data. I think they’ve got their heels dug a little deeper in the ground compared to Bitcasa as well. I had a feeling they were running in to issues in the past as well. I’m not sure how long you’ve been a customer with them, but a while ago when they discontinued the “unlimited storage” plan, there was a huge issue where you had to move your data over to a new drive. The way they handled that situation was horrible. Basically they told their customers they’re being transitioned to a 1TB drive, if you wanted to keep excess of 1TB you had to switch to the 10TB plan which is 995 per year!.. Anyways, you had to remove all your data in excess of 1 TB and initiate the process to move your data to the new 1TB drive, if you didn’t then you would lose all your data.

  2. Marcus

    PPS: Looks like the site has just gone down. Can’t even log in anymore to open up my ticket. Seems like there are a few more angry people out there…

    1. Admin

      Your data should still be available. I am working daily to start copying my data back to a NAS and syncronizing with DropBox. Transfer speeds are going to be horrible because everyone is transferring their entire drives back locally again.

      It would have been nice to get a few months notice, my internet bandwidth is only 300GB for a month. I’m definitely going to be going over my cap and incurring additional bandwidth costs but I’m sure Bitcasa doesn’t care about that.

  3. Marcus

    Thanks for the feedback! I also like Dropbox. Until now I only used it as a backup for my mobile phone photos but I never had any problems and the client seems to work without any flaws and pretty quick. The only thing that I don’t like about Dropbox is the fact that they don’t offer encryption with a personal password :/

    That’s why I used IDrive in the beginning. Unfortunately, my idea of syncing a folder between my laptop and my home PC with IDrive didn’t work at all. I don’t even want to remember how many hours I spent cleaning up and sorting data, just to find out that some files just kept coming back though I deleted them several times while others were probably lost unintentionally… That’s why I switched to Bitcasa but apparently there were also users who complained about lost files… What a weird thought that people were losing files because they were trying to back them up!

    I just started my research for Dropbox alternatives that include private encryption but so far I haven’t found a good deal. Does anybody have good experience with companies that offer private encryption – without being ridiculously expensive?

    Maybe I just park my data in OneDrive for a while. They don’t have encryption but my mobile phone provider just has a promotion where you get 200GB for 2 years for free – that might be worth the MS spam you’ll receive after signing up! 😉


  4. Mark Stevens

    Are any of the other service offering a migration tool for Bitcasa users? That would just about seal it for me. The IDrive discount is nice, but I still have to download and then re-upload.

    1. Admin

      I have not seen anyone offering a migration tool. My guess is that your data is encrypted in a proprietary format with Bitcasa.

  5. F


    I haven’t finished downloading all my files, do you know if I can still download those files?
    I’ve tried to contact their support but everything got ignored.
    I’m so damn angry right now.


    1. Admin

      It looks like they have taken the https://drive.bitcasa.com site offline.

      I already removed my data, but my BitCasa Desktop Client still appears to be connected. I can create and delete files but I can’t confirm if it’s just storing my data in the cache or if it’s actually synchronizing anything.

      I would be so frustrated if I was in your situation. I’m sure they are getting tons of complaints right now. Hopefully they get back to you.

  6. Mark Stevens

    I ended up with Amazon. I know that won’t work for most of you, but I already have Prime which means that pictures are unlimited. That’s mostly what I had Bitcasa. Amazon’s apps are bad, but I’ve been dealing with that since the beginning with Bitcasa anyway.


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